Producing videos requires strong teamwork and communication.

How much does a video cost?

Video production is very complex and the costs depend on many different factors. To give you a rough idea about the price we need to know more about your requirements first. It is always very helpful if clients give us a rough budget and we will work out the best solution within this budget.

What are the main cost factors?

Concept, shooting time, crew and equipment, models, talents and locations, editing and motion graphics, 3D, voice over.

What information do I need to provide to get a quotation?

It would be helpful for us to get a quick introduction of your company, product or service. Tell us the main purpose of the video and how are you planning to use it. Let us know about your deadline, locations, if you need any models or have any other specific requirements. You can also share some sample videos that you like.

How long does it take to make a video?

It depends on your requirements. Pre-Production and planning is crucial and many people underestimate this part. Most of our projects will take 2-6 weeks from initial start until the final video is finished. A good time frame for a crowd funding video would be around 4 weeks. Good planning and preparation is the key for successful projects. don’t make the mistake to rush shootings if you don’t know exactly what you want or can’t make sure your product is ready.

Can I include 3D animation?

Yes, we do not have in-house 3D artists but we have some animation companies that we are used to corporate with. Pricing also depends on length and requirements.

Can you find talents, voice over, background music, models and locations?

Yes, we can provide different options and find the best solution within your budget

Who will provide the concept and script?

Depends on your budget and requirements. We can do both develop the concept and script ourselves or just follow your instructions. There is a difference in pricing, script development can be very time consuming as we have to understand and analyze your company, service or product first and then work and develop concept..

How do you communicate with a client?

For our projects we require to use only one Channel to communicate. It is very important for us to have things organized properly. Every client should assign one contact person for us who is authorized to make decisions. We take instructions only from this person. If you have different opinions internally than discuss this internally and let us know your decision. Any changes, revisions, instructions should be communicated in written form by email. If there are different people involved from your side and every sends us their personal feedback and ideas via email, whatsapp, wechat, phone, Skype, etc. the project would fail.

Can you send us some links to crowdfunding campaign videos?