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How much does a video cost?
Video production is very complex and the costs depend on many different factors. To give you a rough idea about the price we need to know your requirements. It is always very helpful if clients give us a rough budget and we will work out the best solution within this budget.

What information do I need to provide to get a quotation?
Introduce your company, product or service, send us some sample videos that you like. Tell us the main purpose of the video and how are you planning to distribute it, let us know about your deadline, locations, if you need any models or have any other specific requirements. Ideally you can use our official RFQ document.

How long does it take to make a video?
It depends on your requirements. Pre-Production and planning is very important and many people underestimate this part. Roughly most of our projects will take 2-8 weeks from initial start until the final video is finished. A good time frame for a crowd funding video would be around 4 weeks. Good planning an preparation is the key for successful projects, don’t make the mistake to rush shootings if you don’t know exactly what you want or can’t make sure your product is ready.

What is the perfect length of a video?
It depends what you need the video for. Sometimes less is more and it is difficult to keep attention of a viewer for more than 3:30 minutes. For most videos you just want to get the audience interested and highlight some main features. For more detailed information you can use other channels to inform your clients. For crowd funding videos maximum length is 3:30, we suggest to stay below 3 minutes, but it really depends on the products.

How does the length of the video influence the price?
Many of our clients assume a 2 minute video must be much cheaper than a 4 minute video. This is not necessarily true, it really always depends on the concept and requirements and sometimes we need to spend more time in post production to squeeze more information in a shorter time.

Can I include 3D animation?
Yes, we do not have in-house 3D artists but we have some animation companies that we are used to corporate with.

Do I have copyrights for the video and music?
Yes, for all music, video and voice over you will keep lifetime copyrights.
However as the producer we keep the rights to show your videos or part of it to other clients for non commercial use, we can show it during presentations or use it on our showreel.

Can I get all the raw footage of the shooting?
No – it’s a common rule in our industry to provide only a master file with the final video, there is exceptions if its…

How do you choose the background music?
We have to make sure to use royalty free music and there are no issues with copyrights. There are several homepages with extensive music libraries. Usually we choose tracks that we think would match your project and send you in the first cut. This cut usually contents and audio watermark, this will only be removed after you confirm the music and we go ahead to purchase the rights. If you do not like the style of the first music, we will offer you different options.

Can you find models and locations?
Yes, it all depends on your budget.

What format can the video be played?
We will be able to produce any required format.
Standard would be 1920x1080 full HD MP4 or MOV Master.
We usually shoot in 4K so could also provide you a master file in 4k.

How many revisions can I make to a video?
Also this depends on the projects and budget, usually we can do 2-4 free revisions. Please understand that we also have to finish the project in a specified time. Future revisions are due to additional fees.

Can you make DVD’s?
Yes, but nowadays nobody likes to get DVD’s. Do you need a DVD that plays in a DVD player or a data DVD for computers? Think about it, USB memories or online links for your videos make usually more sense.

How long will you keep a backup of the video?
Usually we will keep a backup of your project for at least 6 months after completion.

Can I receive all footage?
It is no common in the industry to hand out footage to clients. However we understand that our clients are very international and might need some footage in other countries. For an additional fee of 1,500 RMB we can provide you a hard disc with all footage shot for your project.

Can you make a different version of the video?
Yes, it would be good to specify this in the beginning of the project. Sometimes we do an additional short version or just a trailer/teaser at additional costs.

How to choose a voice over? Which languages are available?
Usually we would suggest you at least 3 different voice overs based on your requirement and you can choose. Let us know the gender, language, accent (for example British or North American), rough age of the narrator that you would prefer and we will source for it.

Can we get discount?
Our prices are fair, we are well educated artists with plenty experience. We are not selling a product but our time that we dedicate all our passion to your project. If you ask us for discount it make us feel that you do not appreciate our talent and efforts.

Can you do a video for free, it will help you for your portfolio and we will do a lot more projects in the future?

What kind of videos can you produce?
Almost everything you can imagine, corporate videos, product videos, crowd funding videos, hotel videos, travel videos, documentaries, music videos, 2D and 3D animation, Time lapse, stop motion, training videos or tutorials.

Who will provide the concept and script?
Depends on your budget and requirements. We can do both develop the concept and script ourselves or just follow your instructions. Obviously there is a difference in pricing, script development can be very time consuming as we have to understand and analyze your company, service or product first and then work and develop concept.

Can you make the video look like it is not made in China?
In general yes. Using non-Asian models and choosing right locations will help to make your video look more international.

Can you shoot outside China?
Yes, we like traveling and shoot projects in Europe and other places in Asia. Just let us know the details.

How do you communicate with a client? What is a one-channel policy?
For our projects we require to use only one Channel to communicate. It is very important for us to have things organized properly. Every client should assign one contact person for us who is authorized to make decisions. We take instructions only from this person. If you have different opinions internally than discuss this internally and let us know your decision. Any changes, revisions, instructions should be communicated in written form by email. If there are different people involved from your side and every sends us their personal feedback and ideas via email, whatsapp, wechat, phone, Skype, etc. the project would end up in a disaster.

Can we join the shooting?
Of course, usually we require to have at least one person from client’s side on the shoot. There is always some small adjustments or decisions to make in cooperation with client. However we try to keep the amount of people from client’s side as small as possible, 2-3 people is still fine. We understand that video production is very interesting for your team, but it is not productive for the final result if there are ten people just coming to stare at the models J

How big is your crew?
Depends on projects, usually from one-man-show to a crew of 6 or sometimes more people. We work different than other companies in China who probably bring more people to a shooting to make it look bigger. We focus more on quality people than on quantity.

Why are videos getting so popular?
There video industry is boomin, every company needs videos. Social media and faster interned bandwidth have changed everything. Video is a very powerful tool to promote your business, it can reach a lot of people. In the same time technology has changed and nowadays it is possible to produce high quality videos with small crews. Ten years ago only big companies can afford videos – now everybody can.

Are you selective about your clients?
We are in the lucky situation to get a lot of request for shootings, so we do not have to take every project. If we take a project or not basically depends on 3 factors:

Fun (Are we going to enjoy working on this project?)
Portfolio (Will this project add value to our portfolio?)
Profitability (Are we able to make enough profit on this project?)

What is your experience in video production?
Since 2009 we have served clients and worked with people from more than 45 countries, people in all ages, different skin colors and religions. We worked with kids, elders, handicapped, hetero- and homosexual people, we have met billionaires and beggars, we have seen luxury and poverty and we love our job.
We are glad about this experience and during this time we learned a lot. It is really an honor to work with all these people and understand different cultures. For every single project we try to learn something.

What Cameras do you use?
Again – this depends on the budget and requirements. Most of our videos are shot on Canon C100, Red Scarlet, Sony A7S II and/or Canon 7D/5DII/III.

We already shot a video, but we are not happy with the editing. Can you edit the video for us with our available footage?
It is really hard to rescue a project that we are not involved from the beginning and did not shoot ourselves. We might have a look at what you have to see if there is something usable, but usually it does not make sense.


115,080 USD


$1,251,380 to 


PITAKA - Redefine Carbon Fiber Wallet



Atom, World`s Smallest 4G Rugged Smartphone


SparkMaker - The Most Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer






Sparkmaker 2



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Delivering your corporate message by using video is now easy and affordable. Shinemax Media manages all aspects of your video projects. We deliver the content and the code so your video is ready to go. From initial concept to production we offer a wide range of creative services.
The result is content that is tightly integrated into your marketing strategy.

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Most Funded Projects

    Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

    $1,251,380 Funded


    Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

    $1,251,380 Funded



  • Sony A7S
  • REd Scarlet & Red Epic
  • Canon C100, C300, C500
  • Canon 7D & 5D Mark III
  • Ultra Prime Lenses
  • Kinoflo & Arri Lights
  • Studio
  • Dolly
  • Steadicam & Ronin
  • Gopro 4
  • Quadcopter
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    A video is an excellent medium for promotional, informational, demonstrative or entertaining purposes as well as to deliver your message. We highly recommend to implement a video to all your marketing tools, your homepage, your exhibition stand and the social media pages to underline your professional work, products or services.